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County Elections - Registrar of Voters

Terry A. Hansen

915 8th St., Suite 107, Marysville, CA 95901


Phone: (530) 749-7855

Fax: (530) 749-7854


Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 5:00  p.m.


November 6, 2018 Statewide General Election


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Local Measures: Measure J / Measure K






Local Offices on the November 6, 2018 Ballot

Supervisor District 1
Candidate Statements: English / Spanish
1 Andy Vasquez
Joan Saunders
Supervisor District 5
Candidate Statements: English / Spanish
1 Randy Fletcher
Alton Wright
City of Marysville, City Council
Candidate Statements: English / Spanish
2 Brad Hudson
Christopher Pedigo
Bruce A. Buttacavoli
OPUD - Director at Large 1
No Candidate Statements
1 John Floe
Mike Morrison
Wheatland School District
No Candidate Statements
3 Raegean Waltz
Ronna Eaton
Ish Medina
Robin Bogdanoff
North Yuba Water District - Division 4
Candidate Statements: English / Spanish
1 Donald C. Forguson
Gretchen Flohr
US Representative, District 3
Candidate Statements: English / Spanish
  Charlie Schaupp
John Garamendi
State Senator, District 4
Candidate Statements: English / Spanish
  Philip Kim
James Nielsen
State Assembly Member, District 3
Candidate Statements: English / Spanish
  James Gallagher
Sonia Aery


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Dates Activity


Aug 10


Candidate Statement of Qualifications – Run-off Candidates

Deadline to submit a Candidate Statement of Qualifications for printing in the County Voter Information Guide.                                                                             

                                                                                                                 §§13307,13307.5, Gov Code §85601(c)

07/16/18 -


Declaration of Candidacy

All candidates, excluding independent candidates and run-off candidates for General Election, must file a Declaration of Candidacy between these dates.

§§8020, 8028, 8040

Candidate Statement of Qualifications

Between these dates candidates may prepare a statement of qualifications to be included in the County Voter Information Guide. The statement shall be filed and paid for at the time the Declaration of Candidacy is filed.  This statement may not be changed but may be withdrawn up until 5:00 p.m. on the day after the close of filing.                                                

§§13307, 13308, Gov. Code §85601



Change of Ballot Designation – Run-off Candidates

Last day that any run-off candidate may request in writing a different ballot designation than that used in the primary election. The written request shall be accompanied by a ballot designation worksheet. State Candidates: This request should be made to both the Secretary of State and the county elections official.

07/16/18 -


Statement of Economic Interests - All Candidates EXCEPT US Senate & US Representative

Between these dates, candidates filing their Declaration of Candidacy must also file statements of economic interests disclosing their investments, interests in real property, and any income received during the preceding 12 months.  The statement is not required if the candidate has filed such a statement within the past 60 days for the same jurisdiction.

Gov. Code §§87200, 87201, 87500



Last Day to Submit Resolutions of Consolidation

Final deadline for the governing body of a district, city, school or other political subdivision which requests consolidation of a local election for candidates or measures to file the request with the county Board Of Supervisors and a copy with the Elections Department.  Filing early is encouraged to allow adequate time to mitigate any possible issues.

§§10401, 10402


Last Day to Submit Tax Rate Statement for Bond Measures

Final deadline to file a tax rate statement for a bond measure with the County Elections Department.


08/11/18 -


Declaration of Candidacy Extension Period

Extension period for anyone other than the incumbent to file a Declaration of Candidacy if the incumbent did not file by August 10th. This provision does not apply if there is no incumbent eligible to be elected.               



Last Day to Submit Direct Arguments

Final deadline to submit direct arguments for and against a county, school or district measure. Statements shall not exceed 300 words.


Contact the City Clerk for municipal measure deadlines.

§§9162, 9163, 9502



Write-In Campaign Against Incumbent Judge Running Unopposed

Last day to file a petition indicating that a write-in campaign will be conducted against an unopposed superior court judicial candidate who has filed Nomination Papers.  The petition must be signed by 100 registered voters qualified to vote on the office.

§§8203, 8600-8604



Last Day to Submit Rebuttal Arguments

Final deadline for authors of the direct arguments to submit rebuttal arguments. Statements shall not exceed 250 words.


09/10/18 -


Statement of Write-in Candidacy and Nomination Papers

During this period write-in candidates must file their Statement of Write-in Candidacy and Nomination Papers with the County elections official.


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Poll Worker Information

Earn $85 as a Clerk or $100 as an Inspector by serving as a Yuba County Poll Worker. For more information call Yuba County Elections at (530) 749-7855.

Poll Worker Application

Student Poll Worker Application

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Register to vote

Check your voter registration status

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Measure J - Marysville Joint Unified School District Bond Measure

  • Ballot Question:  To repair/improve aging local schools with funding that cannot be taken by the State, replace leaking roofs, outdated heating, air conditioning, electrical/plumbing; remove asbestos/dry rot; upgrade outdated classrooms, science labs/technology; improve safety/security systems; acquire, construct, equip facilities, shall Marysville Joint Unified School District measure be adopted to issue $74,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, levy on average 5.634¢/$100 assessed value ($4,187,470 annually) while bonds are outstanding, requiring audits/oversight, no money for administrators?

  • Measure J County Voter Information Guide Materials: English / Spanish


Measure K - Yuba County Transactions and Use Tax: Public Safety/Essential Services Protection Ordinance

  • Ballot Question:  YUBA COUNTY PUBLIC SAFETY/ESSENTIAL SERVICES PROTECTION MEASURE.  To maintain and protect essential services such as 9-1-1 emergency medical/fire response; improving wildland fire containment; maintaining 24-hours sheriff's patrol; attracting/retaining jobs, businesses, and qualified sheriff deputies; and other essential services, shall the measure to establish a 1 cent sales tax for 10 years in unincorporated Yuba County, providing an estimated $4,300,000 annually requiring accountability, citizens' oversight/audits, and all revenue controlled locally, be adopted?

  • Measure K County Voter Information Guide Materials: English / Spanish

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Clerk-Recorder • 915 8th. St., Suite 107, Marysville, CA 95901 • (530) 749-7855 • Fax: (530) 749-7854


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