Meetings are located at:

Yuba County Government Center

Board Chambers, 915 Eighth Street

Marysville, California


Agenda materials are available at the Yuba County Government Center, 915 8th Street, the County Library, 303 Second Street, Marysville, and Any disclosable public record related to an open session item and distributed to all or a majority of the Board less than 72 hours prior to the meeting is available for public inspection at Suite 109 of the Government Center during normal business hours.

June 15, 2010


9:30 A.M.              YUBA COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS - Welcome to the Yuba County Board of Supervisors meeting.  As                 a courtesy to others, please turn off cell phones, pagers, or other electronic devices, which might disrupt the                 meeting. Thank you.

I.                    PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Led by Supervisor Griego

II.                  ROLL CALL - Supervisors Vasquez, Nicoletti, Griego, Abe, Stocker

III.               CONSENT AGENDA: All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine and can be enacted in one motion.

A.      Administrative Services

1.       Authorize Budget Transfer from Account No. 101-0950-417-2300 (Professional Services) and Account No. 101-0950-417-0103 (Extra Help) in the total amount of $47,000 to Account No. 101-0900-417-6200 (Fixed Assets) for the purchase and installation of an emergency generator for the Courthouse. (256-10)

B.      Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

1.       Appoint Pat Camarena to the Yuba County Library Advisory Commission as the District Four Representative for a term to end December 31, 2012. (257-10)

2.       Approve the minutes of the regular and special meetings of May 25, and June 1, 2010. (258-10)

3.       Reappoint Benjamin N. Borsoff to the Strawberry Valley Cemetery District for a term to expire June 15, 2014. (259-10)

C.      Community Development and Services

1.       Adopt resolution waiving building permit fees for replacement of two residences that were destroyed in the September 2008 Myrna Fire.  (Land Use and Public Works recommends approval) (260-10)

2.       Award contract to Teichert Construction, apparent low bidder, for the Forty Mile Road pavement rehabilitation project Phase 2 from north of Dairy Road to Plumas Arboga Road and authorize the Chair to execute same upon review and approval of Counsel. (261-10)

3.       Receive Final Tract Map No. 2008-03, Bear River Large Lot Map for Danna & Danna Inc., pending approval. (262-10)

4.       Authorize the Auditor to disburse $625,000 in Measure D Funds from Fund 807 in the following amounts; $594,452.30 to County of Yuba Fund 102; $25,162.00 to the City of Marysville; and $5,385.70 to the City of Wheatland. (263-10)

5.       Approve plans and specifications for Smartsville Road pavement rehabilitation project from State Route 20 to Beale Air Force Base and authorize Public Works to solicit bids pending state and federal approval with a tentative bid opening date of July 28, 2010. (264-10)

6.       Adopt resolution accepting Moyer Grant Agreement No. 2009-31 for replacing the engine on a motor grader with a low emission engine and authorizing the Public Works Director to execute agreement. (265-10)

D.      Personnel/Risk Management

1.       Approve agreement with, Inc. dba NeoGov for performance evaluation software and services and authorize the Chair to execute same. (266-10)

E.       Sheriff-Coroner

1.       Authorize Budget Transfer in the total amount of $170,756.00 from various funds to various line items to reprogram funds to cover current and projected shortages in Sheriff, Jail, and Animal Care Services. (267-10)


A.      Receive presentation from Linda Lions Club Event Coordinator Karen Compton on Hot Linda Nights Charity Cruise, July 4, 2010.  (Ten minute estimate) (268-10)

V.                  PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS: Any person may speak about any subject of concern provided it is within the jurisdiction of the Board of Supervisors and is not already on today's agenda.  The total amount of time allotted for receiving such public communication shall be limited to a total of 15 minutes and each individual or group will be limited to no more than 5 minutes.  Prior to this time speakers are requested to fill out a "Request to Speak" card and submit it to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Please note:  No Board action can be taken on comments made under this heading.


A.      Administrative Services

1.       Approve Memorandum of Understanding with Health and Human Services for custodial services at the Packard Building and authorize Chair to execute same. (Ten minute estimate) (269-10)

B.      Auditor-Controller

1.       Receive independent audit, single audit, and management report from Gallina LLP for the County of Yuba for year ended June 30, 2009. (Presenter Mr. Brad Constantine) (Fifteen minute estimate) (270-10)

C.      Community Development and Services

1.       Authorize Budget Transfer from Account No. 101-3600-426-28-00 (Special Department Expense) in the amount of $141,000 to Account No. 245-0000-371-98-99 (Repair and Demolition) to establish a trust fund for future Code Enforcement abatement activities. (Ten minute estimate) (271-10)

D.      County Administrator

1.       Approve request to utilize General and Capital Reserve Funds to cover end of year General Fund operating expenses. (Fifteen minute estimate) (272-10)

VII.             ORDINANCES AND PUBLIC HEARINGS: If you challenge in court the action or decision of the Yuba County Board of Supervisors regarding a zoning, planning, land use or environmental protection matter made at any public hearing described in this notice, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at such public hearing, or in written correspondence delivered to the Yuba County Board of Supervisors at, or prior to, such public hearing.

A.      Public Hearing - Hold public hearing to allow public comment on the use of program income from Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for drainage improvements in Linda and adopt resolution committing CDBG program income funds to the 2010-2011 allocation of the Community Development Block Grant Program. (Ten minute estimate) (273-10)


A.      Approve placement of a permanent sign in Hammon Grove Park honoring Donna Landerman, founder of Friends for the Preservation of Yuba County History. (Sue Cejner-Moyers) (Ten minute estimate) (274-10)

IX.                CORRESPONDENCE - (275-10)

X.                  BOARD AND STAFF MEMBERS’ REPORTS: This time is provided to allow Board and staff members to report on activities or to raise issues for placement on future agendas.

XI.                CLOSED SESSION: Any person desiring to comment on any matter scheduled for this closed session may address the Board at this time.

A.      Personnel pursuant to Government Code §54957(a) - Labor Negotiations - Deputy Sheriff's Association, Yuba County Employees Association, Management Supervisory Association (Law Enforcement), Deputy District Attorney's Association

B.      Threatened litigation pursuant to Government Code §54956.9(b) Two Claims

XII.             ADJOURN






11:30 a.m.            Land Use and Public Works Committee - (Supervisors Abe and Stocker - Alternate Supervisor Nicoletti)

A.      Consider resolution authorizing application and subsequent agreement with the State of California for implementation of AB 2286 Electronic Reporting Fiscal Years 2009/2010 - 2010/2011 -  Community Development and Services (Ten minutes estimate) (276-10)

B.      Consider resolution authorizing application and subsequent  agreement with the CUPA Forum Board Environmental Protection Board for grant funds to purchase equipment for hazardous materials emergency response for Fiscal Years 2009-2010/2010-2011- Community Development and Services (Ten minute estimate) (277-10)

C.      Consider contract with Applied Engineering and Geology Inc., for environmental consulting services - Community Development and Services (Ten minute estimate) (278-10)

D.      Consider resolution to approve application for Proposition 84 nature education facility program funds to development interpretive facilities at Sycamore Ranch - Community Development and Services (Five minute estimate) (279-10)

                                Human Services Committee - (Supervisors Stocker and Vasquez - Alternate Supervisor Abe)

A.      Consider first amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding with Sutter-Yuba Mental Health for provision of mental health services for California Works Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) participants - Health and Human Services Department (Ten minute estimate) (280-10)

                                Law and Justice Committee - (Supervisors Nicoletti and Vasquez - Alternate Supervisor Stocker)

A.      Consider agreement with Benjamin Wirtschafter for public defender services - County Administrator (Ten minute estimate) (281-10)


In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, the meeting room is wheelchair accessible and disabled parking is available. If you have a disability and need disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in this meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Board's office at (530) 749-7510 or (530) 749-7353 (fax).  Requests must be made one full business day before the start of the meeting.


To place an item on the agenda, contact the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at (530) 749-7510.











PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS:  Members of the public shall be allowed to address the Board of Supervisors on items not appearing on the agenda which are of interest to the public and are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board, provided that no action shall be taken unless otherwise authorized by law.  The total amount of time allotted for receiving such public communication shall be limited to a total of 15 minutes and each individual or group will be limited to no more than 5 minutes.


AGENDA ITEMS:  The opportunity of the public to be heard on an item shall be provided during the consideration of that item. In the interest of time, the Board has limited the length of such comment or input on each item to 15 minutes total, with a limit of no more than 5 minutes per person or group.  The period for public comments on a particular item may be extended upon a majority vote of the Board.  These time limits do not apply to applicants appearing before the Board on behalf of their applications.


ACTION ITEMS: All items on the Agenda under the headings “Consent,” “County Departments,” Ordinances and Public Hearings,” “Items of Public Interest,” and “Closed Session,” or any of them, are items on which the Board may take any action at this meetings.


PUBLIC HEARINGS:  All members of the public shall be allowed to address the Board as to any item which is noticed on the Board's agenda as a public hearing.  The Board has limited each person or group input to no more than 3 minutes.  Any person or group may provide the Board with a written statement in lieu of or in supplement to any oral statement made during a public hearing.  Written statements shall be submitted to the Clerk of the Board.


ORDINANCES:  Ordinances shall not be passed within five days of their introductions, nor at other than a regular meeting or at an adjourned regular meeting.  The Board of Supervisors will address ordinances at first readings.  The public is urged to address ordinances at first readings. Passage of ordinances will be held at second readings, after reading the title, further reading is waived and adoption of the ordinance is made by majority vote. An urgency ordinance may be passed immediately upon introduction. The Board reserves the right to amend any proposed ordinances and to hold a first reading in lieu of a second reading.


INFORMATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE:  The Board may direct any item of informational correspondence to a department head for appropriate action.


SCHEDULED LUNCH BREAK:  Between the hours of 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. and at the discretion of the Chair, the Board will recess one hour for lunch.


SPECIAL MEETINGS:  No public comment shall be allowed during special meetings of the Board of Supervisors, except for items duly noticed on the agenda.


PUBLIC INFORMATION:  Copies of §6.7 shall be posted along with agendas.