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Planning Department


Wendy Hartman, Planning Director

915 8th Street, Suite 123, Marysville, CA 95901

(530) 749-5470 Fax - (530) 749-5434




Quick Facts: 

  • Approved by the Board of Supervisors on 09-21-1993 and amended several times

  • 5,263 acres for the total plan area (additional 53.8 acres, formerly  Planning Reserve and not included in the 5,263 acres - includes setback levee & 215 dwelling units; recommended for approval by the Planning Commission on 07-20-2005 and pending approval by Board of Supervisors)

  • 1,168 low density residential dwelling units (584 acres)

  • 10,626 medium density residential dwelling units (2,658 acres)

  • 750 medium high density residential dwelling units (75 acres)

  • 483 high density residential dwelling units (23 acres)

  • 474 acres of Commercial/Industrial/Business Park

  • 611 acres of Parks & Open Space

  • 839 acres of buffers, schools, roads and other uses

  • Design Review Committee

Draft Environmental Impact Report:   Final Environmental Impact Report:


Plumas Lake Specific Plan(2 meg)
Amended pages: 27, 28a & 28b, & 100 per Resolution 2005-52 and
Specific Plan Amendment 2003-0003 (SPA2003-0003)



OPUD Park Master Plan


(Plumas Lake Specific Plan Area/North Arboga Study Area)



Modified Local Road Sections

(Updated 5-5-2009)

 Amended Minor Road Sections        (Figure 3.3.2-C)

Modified Arterial Road Section

Amended Major Roadway Sections

(Figure 3.3.2-A)




  Country Club Estates

  - Appendices

        A - NOP              

        B - NOP Comments

        C - Air Modeling Information

        D - Biological Resources Studies

        E - Cultural Resources Survey

        F - Geotechnical Report

        G - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment 


Cover - Table of Contents


H - Noise Modeling Information

I - Wet Utilities Studies

J - Drainage Studies

K - Water Supply Assessment

L - Traffic Appendix

M - Water Treatment Plant Technical Report

N - Agricultural Buffer Study

O - Agricultural Commissioner Letter      



 Bear River

  - Appendices  
        A - NOP            G - Geotechnical Report 
        B - Biological Resources         H - Water Evaluation 
        C - Agricultural Resources Study         I - Storm Drainage Analysis 
        D - Sanitary Sewer Study         J - Cultural Resources Inventory 
        E - Noise Analysis Modeling         K - Traffic Analysis 
        F - Air Quality Modeling  




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