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Yuba County Recreation Program

 Programs for ALL Ages!



Of the many opportunities in Yuba County, recreation is a top priority to ensure outstanding livelihood.  Over the past several years, Yuba County has sought to provide the most enjoyable and efficient programming possible with the help of some very special partners.  To further this goal, Yuba County is restructuring the program to streamline the delivery of service to the community and to continue the virtue of serving as a “one stop shop” for recreation. 


The Yuba County Recreation Department will continue to operate in much the same manner at the Yuba County Government Center, but will rely even more on the successful partnerships we have created.  A major benefit to this change is that many of the costs will be saved and reinvested back into programming, including some income based scholarship opportunities as illustrated below.  Reducing costs to the taxpayer without sacrificing opportunities is a core principle for the Community Development and Services Agency and capitalizing on our partnerships will strengthen this foundation.


Moving forward, the Yuba County Recreation Department will continue to serve our community by directing recreation participants to our established network of providers.  This innovative approach will provide an end result which will have much the same routine as many of you are accustomed to.  We are still in the same location and have the same telephone number, but instead of enrolling with Yuba County, the County will connect you directly to the provider.


Established Network of Providers


Allyn Scott Youth & Community Center

1830 B Street, Marysville

Contact Martha Duran at (530)749-1776



Champions Arena Indoor Soccer

301a Burns Drive, Yuba City

Contact at (530)932-2719



Gauche Aquatic Park

421 C Street, Yuba City

Contact at (530)822-4655



Han Mi Tae Kwon Do Studio

424 D ST (inside the Training Zone), Marysville

Contact Robert Payne at (530)743-9029



Katie Berry Dance

Ballet and Tap

Loma Rica Hall

11420 Loma Rica Road, Loma Rica

Contact Katie Berry at:  (530) 218-5120



Training Zone

424 D Street, Marysville

Contact Molly McPherson at (530)742-7473



Turn & Learn/Jazz

Learn the basics of Ballet, Tap, Floor acrobatics, Creative movement and Jazz

424 D ST (inside the Training Zone), Marysville

Contact Shawnna Smith at (925)207-4068 or


Furthermore, as a testament to our dedication and to that of our partners, scholarships to our recreation network are available based on the following income guidelines:








Up to - $57,000


Up to - $64,150


Up to - $71,300


Up to - $77,000


Up to - $82,700


Up to - $88,400


Up to - $94,100

*F5Y funding only eligible for children aged 0-5 years and their family members residing within the household.


To apply, or to see if you are eligible for a scholarship, please complete this Application and return it with a proof of income to the Yuba County Community Development and Services Agency at 915 8th Street, Suite 123, Marysville CA, 95901.  Eligibility will be determined at the time of application and if approved, a voucher will be created for your participation in the appropriate program(s).



DEADLINES: To ensure we have enough participants please sign up for your class no later than the last Friday of the month for your class. Late charges may be incurred for late registration.



The First Five Yuba Commission (formerly Yuba County Children and Families Commission) was formed in January 1999 to implement the 1998 Proposition 10 California Children and Families Act funded by tobacco taxes. Since its inception, First Five Yuba has been committed to supporting good health, school readiness, family resources, and collaborative systems of care for Yuba County children aged zero through five years old, and their families.  The Commission emphasizes local decision-making sensitive to our diverse community.


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