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Children's Services

Accelerated Reader Book Finder
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Children's Services & Outreach Programming

In addition to materials for children of all ages the library offers programs, such as:
Reading Readiness    Story Times for all ages    Crafts   Volunteering Opportunities 

Children's Materials & Circulation

 Books = 25 per card, 4 weeks
New Books = 2 weeks per card
Videos = 6 per card, one week
DVD's = 4 per card, one week

Books can be renewed once for a four week period provided no one has requested the item in the interim period. DVD's and videos may not be renewed. Please keep in mind that the library has limited resources in some subject areas. Be kind to your fellow patrons; please do not deplete any subject area.

Overdue fines (late fees)

 Inter-Library Loan
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Need a book for school that we don't have in the library?  Let us try to get it for you on interlibrary loan.   
Contact: Gina Zurakowski (530) 749-7386 ILL requests.
Or ask us about using the CALCAT catalog to request the book from your home computer.


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