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Tobacco Education and Smoking Cessation


5730 Packard Avenue, Suite 100, Marysville, CA 95901

(530) 749-6366    Fax  (530) 749-6397

Yuba County Tobacco Education Coalition wants YOU!

Let's work together to promote a TOBACCO FREE COMMUNITY!  We have the power to make a difference for a healthier future.  For upcoming Tobacco Coalition Meetings call:  530-749-6366 and ask for a Tobacco staff member.


Medi-Cal Members: Want to Stop Smoking?


No-Cost Smoking Cessation Classes are Available


April 2017 Class Schedule: View Schedule in English  View Schedule in Spanish  View Schedule in Hmong


Additional Classes will be scheduled on an as needed basis. Self-help materials are available

Yuba County Tobacco Statistics and Cessation Fact Sheet

A Yuba County Tobacco Cessation Fact Sheet which contains information on smoking prevalence, smoking-associated disease, and smoking cessation information and strategies is available HERE.  



The California Smokers' Helpline is a telephone program that can help you quit smoking. Helpline services are free, funded by the California Department of Public Health and by First 5 California. The Helpline has been in operation since 1992. Every month, thousands of Californians call and receive help.


The more you try, the more likely you will succeed 1-800-No-Butts Banner

Ready to Quit Just Thinking about Quitting

Fact Sheet - Medi-Cal Checklist: How to Get Quitting Aids (View in English) (View in Spanish)

Yuba County Smoking and Smoking Associated Adverse Health Outcomes

Smoking is a primary risk factor for heart disease, hypertension, stroke, lung cancer, several other cancers and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  Yuba County smoking prevalence and smoking-associated adverse health outcome data is available here.

Surgeon General's Report on Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults

Each day in the United States, over 3,800 young people under 18 years of age smoke their first cigarette, and over 1,000 youth under age 18 become daily cigarette smokers. The vast majority of Americans who begin daily smoking during adolescence are addicted to nicotine by young adulthood. View the Surgeon General's Report on Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Adults below:


Smoking harms health from the very first puff. Learn more.

Medical and Health Care Providers

Spend 60 Seconds and Save a Life

Asking and advising patients to quit is not just good patient care, but can actually double the chance a smoker will make a quit attempt. Helpline services have been proven in clinical trials to DOUBLE a smokers' chance of successfully quitting.

Ask all your patients about smoking.

"Do you smoke?"

Advise your patients who smoke to quit.

"Make it a priority to quit, it's important for your health"

Refer smokers to the California Smokers’ Helpline for a FREE personalized plan to quit smoking.

"Call 1-800-NO-BUTTS and your chances of successfully quitting will at least double."

Order Free Materials

To order FREE Helpline brochures, cards, posters and other materials, please click here.

Public Health Service-sponsored Clinical Practice Guideline Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence (2008)

This clinical practice guideline was designed to assist clinicians; smoking cessation specialists; and healthcare administrators, insurers, and purchasers in identifying and assessing tobacco users and in delivering effective tobacco dependence interventions.  A quick reference for the guideline is available here.


Yuba County Smoking Cessation Resources

(530) 749-6366

Ask for Tobacco Cessation/Smoking Cessation Staff


Upcoming Trainings and Meetings


Tobacco Coalition Meeting

For upcoming Tobacco Coalition Meetings call:  530-749-6366 and ask for a Tobacco staff member.



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