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Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS)

The FSS Program is a voluntary program designed to assist you in becoming economically independent and free from public assistance.


The program was initially begun to assist Section 8 participants. It is now offered to any eligible low income Yuba County Resident.


Preparing for Success

Participants can expect to receive vital supportive services geared to assist the participant in overcoming barriers to employment, while receiving training and skills necessary to become gainfully employed. This program motivates and helps participating families:


• Identify the barriers which prevent goal achievement.

• Identify resources and services necessary for success.

• Develop an action plan to achieve specific goals and objectives

• Obtain the support services related to their plan.

• Receive case management services, encouragement and moral support.


• Take charge of their lives.


Who are the FSS Participants?

This program is available to any Yuba County resident who meets the low income guidelines.

Our clients all have unique and individual life circumstances and are highly motivated and committed to the concept of being free from public assistance. The common goal of each of our participating families is to obtain employment that provides a decent living wage that provides a decent living wage that provides economic independence.


Defining the Goal

Each participant will be required to sign a Contract of Participation. This contract outlines the rights and responsibilities of the family during the participation of the family in the FSS Program. After the participant has signed the contract the individual needs of each participating family are evaluated and addressed.

An Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP) is created with each participant, stating specific steps and goals the participant will be required to meet in order to successfully complete the Contract of Participation.


An example of an ITSP for an individual who has no GED, at least one child under 6 years old, has no driver's license or transportation, and wants to study nursing is as follows:


Goal Short/Long Term Goal Responsible Party
  • Complete GED
Short Participant
  • Find reliable child care
Short Participant
  • Get driver's license
Short Participant
  • Find reliable transportation
Short Participant and coordinator
  • Meet w/career counselor at YCC
Short Participant and coordinator
  • Register for classes
Short Participant
  • Apply for financial aid
Short Participant and coordinator
  • Attend classes as scheduled
Short Participant
  • Complete nurses training program
Long Participant
  • Obtain employment as a nurse
Long Participant
  • Be free of public assistance for one year
Long Participant


The FSS Coordinator will assist in obtaining support services to facilitate completion of this ITSP. If you would like to apply Click Here.


For questions, comments or concerns, please contact Yuba County Housing Authority at (530) 749-5448 or e-mail the Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator, Jane McMillan at:




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