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Planning Department


Wendy Hartman, Planning Director

915 8th Street, Suite 123, Marysville, CA 95901

(530) 749-5470 Fax - (530) 749-5434


Projects that are located

eAst of Highway 70

(Updated 10-9-09) 

This is a brief description of the applications staff currently has received and their status.  These four projects are located east of Highway 70. 


Magnolia Ranch Specific Plan: This project would be a new specific plan area and is located at the southwest corner of Ostrom Road and South Beale Road.  The 1,028 site is proposed to have a mixture of commercial, light industrial, and residential uses.  Status: The application for this project is in the initial stages of processing.  The applicant has agreed to have their project processed concurrently with the General Plan update. Contact: Dan Cucchi, Planning


Woodbury Specific Plan: This would be a new specific plan area and is located to the south of the East Linda Specific plan and to the east of the intersection of Highway 65 & 70.  The 1,600 acre project includes 6,300 dwelling units ranging from low to high density, 180 acres of commercial and business professional land which includes a town center with mixed uses at its core and a power center adjacent to the highway and future Parkway.  Status: The applicant is considering revisions to the scope of the project. The project is currently on hold pending a decision. Contact: Dan Cucchi, Planning


Chippewa III: Chippewa III is located on the southeastern corner of the Woodbury project, approximately 1/3 mile north of the Hale Road alignment.  The project proposed as a Planned Unit Development would provide for 1,398 units on 368 gross acres. Land use would be vested by 9 single-family residential villages and 1 multi-family village. Additional land uses include public open space and a school site.  Status:  The project is in the early stages of processing, but currently ON-HOLD pending the submittal of initial environmental studies.  Contact:  Dan Cucchi, Planning


Ostrom Road Quarry:  A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application that proposes to develop a sand and gravel quarry on an approximately 315-acre site zoned Agricultural Exclusive (AE-80) off of Ostrom Road located in southern Yuba County. That application proposes two new off-channel mines that would be mined in separate phases over a period of 20 years, processing operations that include an asphalt batch plant, and a reclamation plan that would return the project site to agricultural and grazing land after the mining activities are completed. Annual production levels project the extraction of 350,000 cubic yards of sand and gravel annually. Status: The DEIR (Volume I) and the Appendices (Volume II) have been released and are available for review and comment.  The review period commenced on June 16, 2008 and ended July 30, 2008. There was a hearing before the Planning Commission for public comment on July 16. The Planning Department expects the FEIR to be released in late Summer of 2009, and a public hearing on the FEIR and project should be to the Planning Commission in the Fall of 2009   Contact: Kevin Perkins, Planning




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