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Planning Department


Wendy Hartman, Planning Director

915 8th Street, Suite 123, Marysville, CA 95901

(530) 749-5470 Fax - (530) 749-5434


Committees & Commissions

Meeting agendas for Planning Department committees and commissions are posted at the Government Center (915 8th Street, Marysville) on the “Public Notice” bulletin board located across from the Board Chambers.  Copies of agendas, minutes, and staff reports may be obtained from the Planning Department located in Suite 123 of the Government Center.  Hearing packets are available after 3 p.m. on the Friday before the meeting.


As a convenience to the public; agendas, minutes, and staff reports may be posted to the Planning Department’s website.  Posting of these documents is dependant on the availability of technical support and therefore may not be posted for all hearings or committee meetings.

Plumas Lake Specific Plan - Design Review Committee

The Plumas Lake Design Review Committee was formed by the Yuba County Board of Supervisors to provide public review of development designs within the Plumas Lake Specific Plan to ensure consistency with the Specific Plan Guidelines. Community aesthetics are considered to be an important component to the success of the Specific Plan and the maintenance of a minimum level of quality in architecture and development will promote civic pride and maintain property values.

Staff Development Committee / Zoning Administrator (SDC/ZA)

To expedite processing of minor land use entitlements under the Yuba County Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances, County Code has established the Staff Development Committee and Zoning Administrator (SDC/ZA) function.

Yuba County Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is composed of five regular members appointed by the Board of Supervisors who represent the various geographical areas and the commercial, industrial, and agricultural interests of the County. The Commission reviews and acts on matters related to planning and development and advises the Board of Supervisors on various land use matters.

Building Industry Association

A group was developed to improve the coordination and communication between developers/builders and the County's staff in Community Development and Public Works.  There are MANY projects going on in Yuba County that require all parties to work effectively together.  This group will meet as needed to foster effective communication and good working relationships.

Fish and Game Advisory Committee

Please Note:  This location will soon be moving to the Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures site.
Beale - Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) The Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) seeks to encourage cooperative land use planning between military installations and local jurisdictions so that future community growth and development are compatible with the training and operational missions of the installation.
Trails Commission

The Trails Commission strives to advise the Planning Commission, and through them the Board of Supervisors, of the riding, hiking and bicycle trail needs of the County of Yuba.  The Trails Commission encourages community involvement in development, maintenance and use of the riding and hiking trail system and bicycle paths within the County.



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