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Yuba County/BIA/Developers Roundtable

March 09, 2005 (10:00 am)
Meeting Location -
Board Chambers
915 8th Street, Marysville


  1. Reclamation Board Permit/ Levee Issues/ Interim Urgency Ordinance/ Tentative Maps/ Large Lot Tentative Maps/ Final Maps/ FEMA/ Army Corps...UPDATE

  2. Road issues in Yuba County

  3. $1.1 million dedicated to NEW 'Affordable Home Buyer Program' steps

  4. Affordable Housing Task Force - Next meeting date is March ??? at 10 am

  5. Swainson Hawk Study Update

  6. Woodbury Proposed Specific Plan - Report on Community Workshop

  7. Other issues???


Next Meeting, April 13, 2005, Board Chambers