Yuba County/BIA/Developers Roundtable

March 3, 2004 (10:00 am)

Meeting Notes

I.          Self-Introductions - Brian Spilman, Christine Root, Chuck Thistlethwaite, Craig Sandberg, Dorian McCoy, Jeff Panasiti, Jennifer Skillings, John Costa, Kent MacDiarmid, Kent McClain, Kevin Mallen, Pete Calarco, Stan Samiec, Tej Maan, Tim Snellings, Al Franzoia, Tony Stewart, Keith Martin, Jim Barnes, Jackie Sillman

II.         Issues/Suggestions

            ·           Survey (Resource)

            Tim went over the survey.  The top priority being the Impact Fees and the main concern being that of the levees.

Kevin informed those present that he had doubled his staff to improve efficiency.

Tim said that the new government center with their one stop shopping, combined counter for Public Works and Community Development, new telephones, website, etc. should make us more user friendly and efficient.

·           Common Concern

Kevin said that RD784 will have their alternative analysis report completed at the end of March and suggested that at the next BIA meeting we invited RD784 to give the alternatives and discuss their plan to proceed with the agencies in charge of the levees.

Kent said that the County and RD784 have formulated a JPA to issue a construction contract in June with Phase I work to begin at the Interceptor Canal.  Kent also stated that Yuba County Water Agency and Senator Aansted are working together to get a “Spot Bill” through legislature which would better indemnify and isolate agencies from liability concerning levees/floods.

Kevin said that HDR is doing the engineering for the levee repairs and the financing is being put into place and should go to the Board of Supervisors for approval in April.

Kevin went over the road and park fees saying that RD784 fees for Basin A will be $9,464 per acre and the fees for Basin B & C (NASA & North Plumas Lake) will be $10,000 per acre.  Kevin said that RD784 would like the County to collect the fees for them, but this will have to go to the Board for approval.

Kent explained to the developers that RD784 is a separate agency and the County has no jurisdiction over them, so advised them to stay in touch with RD784.

One of the developers asked when the road fees and park fees are due.

Kevin said that road and park fees are due when they apply for an Occupancy permit and the RD784 fees are due when finaling the map.

III.       Emerging Issues (Updates)

            ·           Yuba-Sutter Disposal, Inc. (Franchise Agreement)

John informed the developers that Yuba/Sutter Counties have a franchise agreement with Yuba Sutter Disposal, Inc., therefore they cannot use outside haulers.

Jackie, Yuba Sutter Disposal, said they want the developers business and will work with them every way possible to accommodate them.  Jackie informed the developers that YSDI has plenty of boxes and if they separate metal, cardboard, debris, etc., they will receive reduced rates.  Jackie said that the customer service contacts are Terry Bentley who can be reached at 749-4240, or Jackie & Doug can be reached at 749-4220.

Kent MacDiarmid asked what number the homeowners should use to contact YSDI.

Jackie said they should call either 743-6933 or 749-4220.

Kent explained that YSDI is a subsidiary of Nor Cal Waste and Keith Martin is the head of the Waste Management Regulatory Agency which was set up to oversee YSDI rates.

Tej said that YSDI has to go through the Environmental Health Department for permits for the landfill.

Kent also informed the developers that there is a burning ban in Yuba County, therefore no burning will be allowed.

·           Plumas Lake Mailing Info…zip code – DRAFT

Tim presented a letter received from the United States Postal Service concerning community designations and zip codes in western Yuba County.  There were three proposals discussed and it was agreed by those present to expand the Olivehurst Zip Code (95961) to include all of the community of Olivehurst together with the Plumas Lake – Arboga area.   It was also agreed that the community name of Plumas Lake should be added as an acceptable city name (Place Name) for the area south of Olivehurst.

Tim said that he will arrange for this to go before the Board of Supervisors for approval at their March 23rd meeting.  He encouraged those present to submit a letter of support to the Board of Supervisors prior to this meeting.

·           NCCP/HCP

Chuck explained to those present that the two counties (Yuba/Sutter) have entered into a MOU to prepare the NCCP.  Chuck explained that Caltrans has some wildlife habitat issues concerning the widening project on Highway 70/99 and they have asked Yuba and Sutter Counties to get together and prepare the environmental document.  Chuck explained that a consultant has been hired and this is a huge project which will take several years to complete and detrimental to building and growth in the area.  Chuck said information will be posted on the website at yubasutternccp.org for those who wish to obtain more information.

            ·           Innovative Growth Ideas…next steps

Tim distributed an article from Newsweek entitled 15 WAYS TO FIX THE SUBURBS which discussed different approaches for getting communities on track.  Tim said that there will be a joint workshop on April 28 at 6pm to provide an educational forum for the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors regarding building a new city and planning accordingly.  Tim said this will hopefully promote some dialogue to give the Planning Commission ideas on other ways to do things and pick the best. 

            ·           SACOG “Tall Order Forum”

John informed those present that the next regional meeting for SACOG will be on April 30th at 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.  He encouraged those present to RSVP if they wanted to attend and informed them of a $75.00 fee.

            IV.       Other Business

Tim announced that the next meeting will be March 17th at 10:00a.m. in Conference Room #2.